Drug Scarcity

    When you walk into the hospital the last thing any one would think of is that they are out of whatever you need to live. It like going in with a large cut and the physician telling you that they can't stitch you up because they do not have stitches. From one perspective people have always grown up with the fantasy that when you go to the hospital the doctors will take care of you.

     The recent increase in drug scarcity and consequential price gouging by pharmaceutical companies has left hospitals in the ruff and passing the cost and news onto the patients. Everyone is up in arms about this shortage because we all pay exorbitant prices for the health care, we should be able to get everything. Welcome to capitalism, if you make a product that is in high demand then you can afford to increase prices because people will always pay for it. Now the morality of price gouging especially in the field of medicine is frowned upon. There are not many laws and regulation on pharmaceutical companies in this respect. People need to understand that you reap what you sow. We have indulged in this prosperous economy (Not so much now...but previously so) with all these new inventions like plasma TV's and technology which has made everyone a techno geek. But also the field of medicine has been lumped into the private business sector.

      Americans need to decide to make healthcare a priority for all citizens and residents and then the profit driven model of capitalism will fall out of the woodwork and medicine can return to its roots. Now this is not without our share of pain, like maybe going to the hospital and being told that you need to wait for an appointment or the drug you need is out of supply. I think that the attached article is an example of what universal healthcare would be like only this is happening under the current HMO system.

     Thanks for reading...any thoughts.




One additional factor is DEA regulations.  The DEA caps national production of some medications, such as stimulants.  There is a marked shortage of the most effective ADHD medications, at least partly due to manufacturers reaching their annual quota.  This one, I don't quite understand.  Maybe there are legitimate reasons...but it seems if the concern is for overprescribing or diversion of medications with street value, the way to limit misuse is not by restricting it availability for legitimate patients, but by educating prescribers and parents.

By pdpatel