Dali, China

     After the first sleep in a real bed in Dali after my adventures we woke up at 6:30am in the morning to begin our tour of Dali. For breakfast we had these little cake things and soy milk tea (kind of like bubble island). Then we were off to our first stop.

     Out first stop was the Ancient City, it was an old block in Dali that had some cool temples and a nice little river traversing through the walking downtown district. We got to climb to the top of one of the temples and from there we could see most of Dali.

    Next we took a boat ride on the lake that the city is situated on. It was really nice because we could see how this entire lake was surrounded by mountains. The mountains were really beautiful, majestic, and towering over the lake and humble town.

     Then we took a long a bumby ride up the mountains to the cave where they film famous Kung Fu movies. The cave was quite extensive and required a lot of walking and climbing of stairs.
   So by this point I am sleeping on the bus because I think that we are done for the day. But we stop at the family mansion of the Bei people. This was the house of the secretary of state of Yunnan and his entire family. We saw a cultural performance and we were offered the 3 portion tea which is an honor in the Bei culture.
     Now after that last stop I really thought we were done, but our last stop was to visit the minority group of the Bayai people. They live in the old school lifestyle with no electricity and build their houses of of trees. I mean it was actually kind of surreal because I felt like I was at the zoo and was looking at these people from the outside.
p.s. This Picture is of the old city in Dali from the top of a temple.