Lijiang, China

     We woke up at 6:00am and took a nice and scenic bus ride to rural Lijiang where we rode horses and took a old school boat ride. This rural village that we visited was right on lake Ershi. It was very peaceful and quiet, it reminded me of the vastness of Wyoming and peace with the wilderness.

    After this really nice nature scenery we descended back to Lijiang and then we went to a nice field to take a picture of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. this mountain is absolutely beautiful it rises up 15000 feet from the city that is about 8000 feet. The mountain seems to tower above the city and from anywhere in the city you can see the mountain. I dream to one day be able to climb this mountain.

   Then we moved onto the Tibetan Medical Museum in Lijiang where I got my palm read and he said that I am healthy but I should watch out for my stomach. He said to avoid spicy food and nuts. I was actually surprised because the Tibetan man new quite a bit of English.

    Next we traveled to downtown Lijiang and explored the old city which was very reminiscent of Paris' small and confined streets of art vendors. It was very beautiful because there was a little river traversing thought the old town with nice restaurants along the river. But also there were a lot of trees along the old town which made it fell secluded from the big city. We saw lots of white folk in this land (6 in total).

   The final activity of the day was to go to the famous Yunnan minority groups culture show (River and Mountains Show). It was spectacular and quite the show. The costumes were amazing and the dancing was phenomenal.

   This was overall a chill day and got some good food. I particularity liked the nature aspect in the morning where we got to see what rural China is like.
p.s. Me and Ruixin riding horses in Lijiang, quite the humble place.