Travelling To Scwabisch Hall

      So for my last day in Kunming at the nice 4 star hotel which normally cost over 100 American Dollars a night but because of Ruixin's uncle sweet connection I got to stay in the room for about $40 a night. So anyways I slept in big time on the bed that is pretty much a square and then me and Ray-ban chilled and had yet another amazing breakfast full of cakes and soup. Then they shepherded me to the Airport at about noon for my 2:00pm flight.

     This trip to China has been so amazing and would not have been as fun if Ruixin was not there. I got to see some cool stuff and all the while not having to worry about the language barrier. This made the trip awesome and relaxing while still enjoyable. Oh well as they say all good things must come to an end.

    Anyways my flight to Shanghai from Kunming was uneventful and this time I had info about a subway from Hongquio to Pudong. So I took the number two subway which by the way Hongquio and Pudong are at exact opposite ends of this line, and also to make things more fun I was taking the subway at 6:00pm...rush hour. It was an hour and half subway ride but now I chilling at the Pudong airport at the bar with many Yen in my pocket from anticipation of having to take a 200 Yen taxi ride instead I spent 8 Yen on the subway.

   So life is good and my China portion is over but the Germany trip is about to begin.

         Peace on Earth...Coexist




 p.s. The train from Frankfurt to Schwabisch Hall was really nice and felt like a sir traveling on such a nice train.