Arriving In Schwabisch Hall

     So after the 12 hour flight from Shanghai to Frankfurt I was pretty exhausted because I did not get too much sleep on the plane, but that was to be expected. So anyways after arriving in Frankfurt I purchased a train ticket to Schwabisch Hall. The trains were really nice and on time which made the 100 mile travel only take two hours to get to this really small town. But the down side is that the train ticket cost about $80  which is a lot of money but then again the trains were really y nice.

    So I am sitting here in Schwabisch Hall at a bar using their internet waiting to meet up with Maddie. It is so relaxing and the streets are not full of people and so this place has the feel of a real town, it is just a quaint little German town. Can't wait to go around and see the city and meet up with Heather later to go and see Heidelberg.

    After meeting up with Maddie we traveled to a museum of all different periods of art. I did not completely understand the museum because it ranged in periods from ancient Roman/Greek pieces to modern art with an artist who was still alive and at the museum.

    After the museum adventure we went to the grocery store and got supplies to make tortiliney. Then I got to see where Maddie is living and her flat mates. Almost everyone in her program is American and from the University of Michigan, which is kind of weird because the whole point of the program is to immerse yourself in German culture but you are surrounded by other Americans and everyone speaks English. But it is kind of nice because you have some people who can readily connect with.





p.s. This photo is kind of dark but this is at the hostel which felt like a Tuscan villa with ivy and old stone work and the nice weather.