The Day In Heidelberg

     Maddie, Heather, and I woke up pretty late in the morning because the night before we went out late and got some drinks and at the Irish Pub called the Dubliner. When we got back to the room we met this nice girl from New York, Nicole Reber ( who two weeks ago had just started backpacking across Europe for 4 months. She is from LA and just finished college at Pratt where she studied art and design.

    So for the day we started off going to the castle at the edge of the old town. The hike up to the castle was long because it was up on top of a hill but the weather outside was quite cool and therefore when we got to the top we were not sweaty and therefore feeling pretty good about our accomplishment. We got some pics and then at the top there is a beautiful garden and also an apothecary museum which were quite interesting.

    Then when we got back into town from the castle we got some drinks in the square next to the church and then went to the famous bridge with the monkey statue. So now from this point on we pretty much ate and drank our way all the way home. Where we got some zzzz's and then we went out for the night with Nicole. We went to three bars and a club where we stayed out until 3:30 am. It was a good time and had some good fun in Germany.

p.s. Maddie, Heather, and I at a little random park just below the castle in Heidelberg