Onto Frankfurt

    Today I am traveling from Schwabisch Hall to Frankfurt to stay the night because my flight is at 9:00 am in the morning from Frankfurt and I just want to make sure that I make this flight because it is direct to DTW and I am ready to go home.

     So my train from Schwabisch Hall does not leave until 1:00pm so I had some time in the morning to roam about the town for one last time. I stopped in at the grocery store at Rewe to pick up some simple foods for the train ride so I would not have to buy any food. Then I met up with Maddie at 10:00am because she has access to a printer to print off my ticket for me. We said our good byes under a perfect sky and warm sun in downtown Schwabisch Hall. 

     The train from Schwabisch Hall to Frankfurt was uneventful and smooth which is perfect and therefore my conclusion with the Deutsche Bahn was a very pleasant experience. When I arrived at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main) I was impressed by the size  of the train station). I made my way to the hostel which is very close to the train station and a convenient walk.

    I am staying at the 5 elements hostel which got very good reviews on hostel world so I booked a room for 21 Euros a night. As I am walking to the hostel apparently the cheapness of the hostel is for a good reason, because the hostel is situated in what looks to be Frankfurt's version of the red light district. I did not know that prostitution was legal in Germany. All the vendors in this area are bars that say live girls/sex. I am actually quite impressed at how many sex shops/hotels/bars are in this area and all right next to each other. 

    Oh well I am only here for the night and will be leaving early in the morning for a quick ride on the S Bahn and then flight home. I am so happy with my trip so far and has been an awesome experience seeing the world. I'll try to post one more time from the airport but if not aufeiwdesan.

p.s. From the top of the castle over looking Schwabisch Hall