No Place Like Home

      This morning I woke up at 6:00am which is exactly when I had planned to wake up. Made my way down stairs and into the hauptbahnhof just down the street. I did not feel comfortable walking through the red light district but was surprised to see that all the bars and strip clubs were still open.

     Anyways I did not know exactly what train I needed to take to get the the airport and none of the train station helper stations were open this early. So I mosied about the bahnhof for awhile and then eventually followed the signs to the stations with a plane sign. This turned out to be the right train and I was two hours early for my flight and so everything was all good and made it on too the plane in a window seat.

     After a 10 hour plane ride and landed in Detroit and with no problems at immigration and customs. My mother came to get me at the airport and now I am sitting at home relaxing after and a long trip it is nice to be at home again.